KJG compressed air drying device

Equipment Overview:

KJR drying compressed air purification equipment is based on the pressure swing adsorption principle, a new type of compressed air drying equipment, divided and there is no heat regenerative regenerative heat built-in heater.Compressor air (<= 1.0mpa)="" a="" gas-liquid="" separator="" (or="" freeze="" dryer)="" into="" the="" drying="" apparatus="" after="" the="">Compressed air first enters the adsorption unit; within this unit, compressed air through activated carbon adsorbent air smell gas, oil and other harmful gases, and most of the water adsorption.Then, the compressed air into the drying unit; within this unit, compressed air through a molecular sieve desiccant compressed air dew dried below -40 .Thus, by the dry compressed air purification device ensures no water, no oil and no smell of gas.

Typical uses:
For compressed air purification and drying.

Technical parameters:-博狗娱乐官网

drying device
Compressed air capacity: 1 ~ 100 Nm3/min
Activated carbon purification, oil, gas, and most of the water odor sieve drying, dry air reaches the dew point -40
Design pressure: 1.0 MPa
Working Pressure: <= 0.8="">

Machine appearance:


1. Sewage Ball
2. Pneumatic Diaphragm shut-off valve
3 .Muffler
4. Bracket
5. Program controller
6. Dryer
7. Gauge
8. Check valve

9. Cut-off valve
10. Sampling valve
11. Filter Fo. Limiting orifice